Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mile-2660 Manning Park to the Monument

We made it! We hiked to the PCT monument at the border, the symbol of the end of the journey. If you want to read our PCT story chronologically, see right menu and start March 2013...

The Last Day

We waited till Lighthouse arrived from Vancouver and then the three of us had a very pleasant hike, reminiscing, philosophizing, and sharing stories, to the monument. 
When we got there we saw Toots, Cuddles, Atlas, Rafiki and the Chosen One, the only one to have made it via the PCT. Tracy got the scoopage from him: breaking trail, post holing, teeth chattering, barely able to swallow pop tart, grizzly bear footprints, fear. There was a nice guy there who is making a film about the Chosen One's journey who waited for him to arrive and filmed a few shots while we were there. Can't wait to see the film: A Single Step. 
We took lots of photos, lingering till it got too cold, then hiked the 8 miles back to Manning Park. There we changed into our street clothes, I applied mascara, and we walked into real life...
We're spending a few days with Karen, Tracy's mom as we make our way back to Seattle in her camper. Meanwhile, the Facebook Class of 2013 site is buzzing with activity as people post finishing photos. Tracy and I have had lots of Facebook friend requests from hikers as they sit at home going through photos and try to keep contact with the trail. I'm sure we'll do the same. It will be hard to let go. What an epic journey we've had. The trail was at times dull, spectacular, magnificent, pretty, austere, treacherous and ever changing. The people, well they are up there with the High Sierras, they made the journey memorable. 
Good news. Today they found Rocket Llama the 23 yr old female hiker that had been missing. Phew!
Once we get back to Seattle I will upload all our pictures and give a little final update. Tracy might also post about the gear we used. So keep tuned. 
Lots of love to all of you who have been following our steps. Thank you. 💐